Give, Receive, Achieve

Give, Receive, Achieve

Need help? Open a Forum and Ask. An outstanding peer will respond. Help when you can too. The more we help others and help others achieve their goals, the more we will achieve ourselves.

Connect - Sincerely

Connect - Sincerely

Network and Make friends with other professionals World-Wide. Send each other referrals and agree on the Fee. Just don’t offer to sell anything to other members and don’t try to recruit others either. Let’s be a place of sincere connections.

Get Pre-Approved Buyers/Sellers

Get Pre-Approved Buyers/Sellers

Sign up to receive Pre-approved Buyers/Sellers in your area as they come up. No investment required by you, no upfront cost, no catch.


Build Community
Learn, Share, Build, Earn More & Grow.

Finally, a community created for outstanding real estate professionals. From gaining insight and giving advice, to connecting without ulterior motives and helping other’s clients achieve their real estate goals in your area through referrals.

"I am a fairly new Realtor and have closed over 100 transactions. Every single one of them was referred to me by Lorena Ramirez-Carrillo the founder of Real Estate Allies!"

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Elvia Torres Top Producer Award Winning Realtor

“Ever since I signed up, my business has been booming. I don't get charged a referral fee for Home Inspections and I have received a little over 200 already. Love that there are outstanding people out there like Lorena Ramirez-Carrillo and her husband that believe in helping others grow and do better. It costs you nothing and you have everything to gain."

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Dan Quinn Realtor and Licensed Inspector


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