Lorena Ramirez-Carrillo

Illinois Licensed Managing Broker and Realtor, Author and Co-Founder of Real Estate Allies

My Story

The real estate career has always been pretty much the way it is: most agents are self-employed.  Yet, because you must have a sponsor to run “your business,”  a percentage, a piece of your hunt, a large one for many, is taken by the sponsoring company.  Some sponsors even charge you a monthly fee, a desk fee, tech fee, and other fees for us realtors to go out, find clients, nurture them, help them, close them and give our sponsors a part of our earnings. 

You would think that in return for a portion of your hard work you would get income generating deals from your sponsor as well.  Well, that is rarely the case. When I became a new agent a couple of years ago, my husband, who helped me achieve Top Producer, Top 1% Producer, in record time by finding me customers, and I learned that agents,  I for example, were on our own when it came to acquiring customers or deals. We did not think that was fair.  So, we decided to do something about it and now we are.

Working together & sharing deals with other agents nationwide has been the best thing we could have done.  The feeling we get from helping other agents earn a great income (6 figures in some cases) in their first year, is incredibly rewarding; both personally and financially.  We have invested (at our risk), attracted, nurtured, helped, and coached more than 1,800, pre-approved buyers and sellers, that we literally handed out to other professional real estate agents/brokers to service so far.  Let me say this again in a different way, , the deals we shared were PRE-Approved and ready to buy buyers willing to work with our recommended professional or someone ready to list their home and the brokers that accepted the referrals were paid accordingly.  We financed all of marketing and front end work for as long as it took and the broker that received the referral did the remaining part and closed the transaction. After closing, we split the commission.

This page was created for that main reason.  We want to help more real estate professionals get answers to their questions, get sincere help, collaborate and help others, gain more leadership and people skills, meet other outstanding peers throughout the world, and close more transactions world-wide on this free platform.  Whether you  help each other, refer business to each other, iot whether my entire team helps and sends you business while this idea, this vision, grows we will do our best to add value to your life.

To us, you are not a flying solo, self-employed broker, you are a professional that runs a business but can have “partners” in other parts of the world that want the best for you, want to see you continue to succeed, and that will work hard to send you business so you can earn more and do better. A partner that doesn’t take from you but contributes and appreciates you.

Register now, sign up for referrals in case a pre-approved buyer or someone who wants to sell their property needs help in your area, and share this with other realtors so you can help make this dream of having a platform where professionals help professionals, where outstanding peers around the globe that are in our industry meet and where we can all work and earn more together, a reality.

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Elvia Torres Top Producer Award Winning Realtor

I am a fairly new Realtor and have closed over 100 transactions. Every single one of them was referred to me by Lorena Ramirez-Carrillo the founder of Real Estate Allies!

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Dan Quinn Realtor and Licensed Inspector

“Ever since I signed up, my business has been booming. I don't get charged a referral fee for Home Inspections and I have received a little over 200 already. Love that there are outstanding people out there like Lorena Ramirez-Carrillo and her husband that believe in helping others grow and do better. It costs you nothing and you have everything to gain."

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