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50/50 split

50/50 split

We do the work and take the risk. We invest, generate the leads, filter them, nurture them, help them, make sure the buyers get pre-approved, and the prospect is ready before we send you the pre-approved buyers/sellers, and you focus on showing homes, listing the properties, and getting the transactions closed.

30 percent referral fee

30 percent referral fee

We provide you with exclusive leads and you contact, help, offer them our preferred lenders, and nurture them until they close.

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Elvia Torres Top Producer Award Winning Realtor

I am a fairly new Realtor and have closed over 100 transactions. Every single one of them was referred to me by Lorena Ramirez-Carrillo the founder of Real Estate Allies!

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Dan Quinn Realtor and Licensed Inspector

“Ever since I signed up, my business has been booming. I don't get charged a referral fee for Home Inspections and I have received a little over 200 already. Love that there are outstanding people out there like Lorena Ramirez-Carrillo and her husband that believe in helping others grow and do better. It costs you nothing and you have everything to gain."

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